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Have you ever been bothered by something you felt that you could do little about? Have you ever wished that you had a forum to voice your opinion? Have you ever believed that someone needs to stand up and say something? Well, now there is the perfect venue... is among the first of the next generation of social networking Web sites: those with a purpose. In addition to providing stimulating entertainment and the freedom to weigh in on any topic imaginable, UFeud hopes to help to transform the way conflict and debates occur in society.

UFeud offers the opportunity to see where others stand on a wide range of issues from sports to politics, from religion to entertainment, and to address and perhaps help resolve differences among participants, to comment and vote on existing debates, and to join groups with others of like interests. UFeud gives YOU a chance to make an impact.

The small team who created this site consists of everyday people like you who sometimes like a soapbox to stand on. Our production team will continue to create new and exciting ways to make this site unique while we ask you to provide interesting content to support our growth for all to enjoy.

Have fun with this site, expand your perspective and help others to do the same.

Remember that conflict is about exploring differences and if done well will not divide but will unite!

Thank you, and Happy Feuding!

The UFeud Team

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